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The most common users of walkie talkies are police officers. Firemen, EMT providers, park rangers and highway patrol officers normally use these devices also. However, the average person can also use walkie talkies. For instance, parents can give their kids these devices when going out to the park or on an adventure. This is because these devices do not require a cellular plan or any money to operate. The network is also independent, so you only need to be in range to the other devices to communicate. With cellphones, you cannot communicate when you are out of range of the cell towers. This means that they are both reliable and affordable.

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Guide to Buying Walkie Talkies

There are makes and models of walkie talkie devices and they are not all the same. To find the best devices for your communication needs, it is recommended you order from the best suppliers of these devices. Obviously, there are numerous key factors you should take into consideration during your search. The following are a few of these key factors:

1. Size

These radio devices come in a variety of sizes. Some are larger than others while others are thicker than others. Obviously, you want to buy a radio device that can fit comfortably into your pocket and is light in weight. Since bigger devices usually come with batteries that have superior capacity, you need to balance between battery capacity and size. After all, a smaller walkie talkie will run out of power faster. If you will be using the devices in a hotel, school, factory or any other place where power is readily available, you should look for the smallest radio devices.

2. Water Proof

If you need a walkie talkie to use outdoors, even in the rain, then you should look for a waterproof device. In addition to that, the ideal pocket radio should also be dust proof. This is an incredibly useful feature because dust can cause serious damage to the device.

3. Range

You have to do some research on the range of the pocket radios on your shortlist. This is because most radios have a limited range. The longer the range the better. Be sure to also pay attention to the range of each device on your list. The higher the power rating, the longer the range.

4. Charging

Nobody wants to buy a device with a unique charging system as it can be difficult to charge the radio if you forget the charger. The ideal device should be charged via a mini USB port, just like most smartphones.

5. Pricing

Obviously, you want an affordable device, so be sure to compare the prices quoted by different firms to identify the most affordable devices. Fortunately, there's a lot of competition in the industry, so you can easily do a cost comparison and choose the best product for your needs.

Where to buy walkie talkies

Whether you decide to buy locally or online, it is recommended you order from reputable suppliers. You do not want to buy an unlicensed radio that will cause harm to your body and cause legal problems. You also want a durable product that has a warranty, so be sure to do some research.